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Adirondack Outdoor Design was founded by Jamie Donald to bring all elements of outdoor living under one roof. We specialize in complete landscape design and installation of all outdoor projects. We install walkways, retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, pools, covered porches and fire elements. Our professional designs bring your vision to reality using advanced technical design software. We specialize in the art of beautiful design as well as the actual construction and installation of landscape projects. We offer a comprehensive experience from beginning to end of every project, providing transparency with our customers every step of the journey together. This design to completion approach allows us the ability to work with any budget. It also allows us to give our customers a design adjusted with product options to align to budgetary allowances and expand potential options.

If you own a home in the Huntersville or surrounding Charlotte areas, you probably have a vision for how you would like to transform your property into something truly special and enjoyable. The Adirondack Outdoor Design team has extensive experience working throughout our Charlotte, North Carolina communities to provide our customers with professional planning and design services, expert construction and installation, and incredible long-term value for their investments.

Redesigning the outdoor spaces of your home not only makes them more enjoyable and visually appealing, but it also increases the property value of your home significantly. Whether you plan to move in the future or not at all, you can rest assured your investment in your personalized outdoor living space and Adirondack Outdoor Design’s services will result in unmatched long-term value.

Our commitment to our clients ensures uncompromising professional craftsmanship, quality workmanship, and the unique attention to details that defines a custom outdoor living space.

Your experience partnering with The Adirondack Outdoor Design team will be unlike any standard expectations as we walk you through every step of a project from design to completion. You will be involved in all the major decisions for your landscape redesign, pool installation, or combination of services from our team. Once we understand your vision, our planning team will put it to paper and provide you with a master plan that covers the short and long-term expectations for your newly reimagined property. We are experienced with handling tree and vegetation growth, lawn care, and making best use of available shade and tree coverage to ensure your newly redesigned outdoor landscape meets every expectation.

As specialists in the fine art of landscape design, we will deliver a functional landscape design based on your lifestyle, your home’s architecture, and its setting.

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Our Process

Every efficient project starts with a solid foundation. The Adirondack Outdoor Design team meets with every customer to visit your property and learn your goals for an ideal outcome of the project plan. Once we fully understand your vision for your property, our team will develop a personalized comprehensive master plan that covers every aspect of your project.

This master plan will act as the groundwork for all the redesign services we provide and help set appropriate expectations for our services and delivery method. As one of our service offerings, we have an option to create a 3D rendering of the finished project through our digital design software. This tool allows our team the opportunity to put your vision to paper so you can see how the finished product will look! We can also create forecasted projections of what it will look like over time as trees and vegetation around your property grow.

After agreement and approval of the presented design, construction preparation and installation begin. You can rely on the Adirondack Outdoor Design team to complete every phase of the construction process professionally and with close attention to detail. Excavation of existing structure or pool installation is completed with minimal disruption to your property and everyday activities. We not only build outdoor structures to look beautiful; we build them to last, so you can rest assured that your new outdoor area will not only be beautiful but functional and easy to maintain as well. Adirondack Outdoor Design has the tools and experience to handle even the most complex landscape redesign projects in the Charlotte area.

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Adirondack Outdoor Design offers an extensive amount of services to completely reshape the landscape around your Charlotte area home.